Peer Tutoring

D'Evelyn Junior/Senior High School offers students a rigorous liberal arts academic program in grades 7 - 12. The D'Evelyn program “is based upon the belief that all students, not just an elite group, should be held to rigorous academic and behavioral standards, and that all students can achieve in a challenging program” (D'Evelyn Philosophy Statement). By engaging in and completing the D'Evelyn program, D'Evelyn graduates will be equipped with a strong foundation in the study of the liberal arts, which will support future academic and professional success, as well as effective participation in society.

Academic success may look different for different students. More importantly, some students may struggle in one academic area more than their others, and as a result, need extra support in that subject area. Students that are struggling in an academic area should schedule time to meet inpidually with their teacher in that subject. Generally, these one-on-one meetings are best achieved during 7th hour. Students should maintain consistent time with teachers in difficult subject areas. It may also be possible for students to meet with teachers before school or after school, and those sessions should be directly scheduled with the teacher.

The D'Evelyn Peer Tutoring Program is another way for students to gain extra support in a specific academic area. In order that students are able to meet with and gain support of their teachers, it is strongly recommended that students only use one 7th hour per week to engage in Peer Tutoring. The Peer Tutoring schedule is linked on the left-hand side of this website.

Students seeking tutoring should plan to attend sessions as outlined in the Peer Tutoring schedule for 2016-2017. When a student arrives for tutoring, they should check in with the tutoring coordinator, who will then set the student up with a tutor for the period. In the event that a student would like tutoring in a subject not listed on the schedule, please notify Mr. Griffin of this need.

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