DHS Clubs

Club Name



Meeting Days and Times:

Anime-Manga Club

JRHS &HS Jodi Haller Fridays, 7th hour
Boys Mentoring SH Mentors/JH Mentees Rob Northway Some Fridays, 7th hour

Chess Club

JH and SH Joel Jacobson Fridays, 7th hour

D'Evelyn Service Corps

HS 16 yrs and up Briant McKellips Outside of 7th hour
persity Club JH & HS Kelley Young, Jessica Proett Fridays, 7th hour
English Royal Society (literature lovers) HS Only Jennifer Tompkins One Friday, 7th hour per month
FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) HS Only Kevin Flack Some Fridays, 7th hour

French Club

JH and HS Ghislain Sabre Fridays, 7th hour

Frisbee Club

HS Only Cory Ryckman Fridays, 7th hour
FROGS Club (Friends relying on Gods' Son) JH & HS Kiki LeBlanc Fridays, 7th hour
Girls Mentoring SH Mentors/JH Mentees Kristi Monsour/Molly Harrington Some Fridays, 7th hour
Glass Club 10 HS and 10 JH each sem. Devon Lawrence Some Fridays, 7th hour
Improv (aka D'Evelyn Disguise) HS Only-Selected Monte Murphy Fridays, 7th hour and some evenings
Interact HS Only John Cappello One Friday, 7th hour per month


JH and SH Jennifer Tompkins Fridays, 7th hour
JRHS Student Council JH Only Keith Beams and Deb Holland Every other Monday, 7th hour

Latin Club

JH & HS Pierre Habel Fridays, 7th hour

Men's Choir

JH & HS Males Janet Shibly Fridays, 7th hour
Mock Trial HS Only Geri Williams Mostly outside 7th hour

Movie Club

JH Only Kari Newell Fridays, 7th hour
Mu Alpha Theta (Math tutoring) HS Only-Selected Sandy Smith Fridays, 7th hour

National Honor Society

HS Only-Selected Lynne Hobbs Outside 7th hour
National Junior Honor Society JH/9th grade-Selected Rob Northway Some Fridays, 7th hour
PALS (Prayer and Lunch with Students) JH and HS Kristi Monsour Wednesdays, 2nd lunch
Robotics JH & HS Steve Harelson, Chris Vollmer Fridays, 7th hour (Computer Lab)
Sources of Strength JH & HS Suzanne Roberts After school and some 7th hour

Spanish Honor Society

HS Only Olivia Schott Fridays, 7th hour
Strategic Gaming JH & HS Keith Beams & Matthew Fischer Fridays, 7th hour
Student Council HS Only-Elected Dan Wille and Ghislain Sabre Outside 7th hour
Student Voice HS Only Suzanne Roberts Mostly outside 7th hour
Tea Lovers Club HS Only Jennifer Tompkins, Deb Holland One Friday, 7th hour per month
Tri-M HS Only-perf. arts and 3.5 GPA Janet Shibly Mostly outside 7th hour